I Don’t Do Dirt Work……

There is a famous story in my family that when I was  a little girl I told my Mom that I couldn’t help her in the garden because “I don’t do dirt work.” Well look at me now Mom! I not only tore apart our whole flower bed, I even planted flowers today.

Today was a perfect 60 degree SoCal day for planting some spring flowers. Yes it is February and the rest of the country is still in a deep freeze. But that’s why I live here! We moved into our new home last April and life has been too busy for any work in the front flower bed. Until today!

Beautiful ranunculus

One of my favorite flowers is a ranunculus. And they are in season from now until May. I was so excited to plant them on our front yard, but when we moved to Carlsbad last April it was the end of the season for this flower. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw them for $2.90 a gallon container at Evergreen nursery in Vista! We loaded up the trunk with at least 8 containers!

Our front flower bed was a boring sight to see. It just had some flax plants and beach grass of some sort. Which is very low maintenance, but not very colorful. We spent some time last weekend ripping out the old plants and putting down some compost just in time for a week of SoCal rain! So the ground was nice and soft today for planting. I also had to add some amendment to the soil, nothing like clay to stunt flowers without some help!

The before.....

I’m not done yet though. Stay tuned for the next wave of planting, a rock border and some mulch for the complete transformation! I guess I do dirt work now!

Almost done......

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The Great Road Trip Part 1: Divide, Montana

Please note the new slide show format above, we had too many images to share to include them all, so we made a slide show.

Part 1: We flew into Missoula, Montana on a new airline, Allegiant Air. We were very impressed with Allegiant, the fares are hard to beat, $59 for a one way fare. And the service was friendly and we departed on time and landed early. We drove to Divide, a small town south of Butte and stayed several nights at the Divide Campground. We were really impressed with the Divide campground, we had a semi-private campsite right along the Big Hole River, a blue ribbon trout stream. Here we spent time visiting with old friends, learning how to fly fish and I reminisced about my childhood. This by far was our favorite part of the trip. We can still close our eyes and imagine sitting by the river, hearing nothing but the rush of water over the river rocks, with the warmth of the sun on our faces, a cool breeze on our skin, and sipping cafe lattes in the afternoon with my parents, and our friends Jack and Judy. Oh and lovable BJ too!

Divide is the small town in rural Montana where I grew up. My parents built the house we lived in. Jack and Judy were our neighbors, but actually much more than that. They are our Montana family. I attended a 2 room schoolhouse (see the slide show above) just a short distance from our house. And yes, in the winter I did ski to school on occasion. That is something for the grand kids someday! It meant so much to come back here, but also even more to share it with my husband.

Stay tuned for the next stage of our journey, Glacier National Park!

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