How To Pick Perfect Peaches


Smell, Feel, and Taste Your Way to Perfect Peaches

There is something intoxicating about biting into a perfect peach. The smell is sweet as you pick it up, it is just a little bit firm, not too soft; and when you take that first bite you are greeted by a juicy and tender treat. When you get a peach that is not ripe, it can be too crisp and not sweet enough. When you get a peach that is too ripe, it can often be too mushy and not quite as enjoyable.

How to Pick the Perfect Peach

1.SMELL. Pick up the peach and smell it. It should have a strong, sweet aroma.

2.COLOR. The peach should have a golden glow, not necessarily bright red or orange, and definitely not at all green.

3.TEXTURE. Avoid bumps, bruises and cuts, these will make it rot faster and can indicate that the peach is overripe.

4.FIRMNESS. Gently press at the top and bottom of the peach. A ripe peach should give only slightly.

5.SAMPLE. Some farmer’s markets will let you sample the produce before buying. But if not, then buy just one or two peaches to try. Peaches from the same crop are fairly similar, so you can always go back and buy more if you’ve chosen perfect peaches.

How to Store Peaches

1.Are your peaches already ripe? A ripe peach will be firm but will give way to pressure when you press gently on the top or squeeze it. They also have a strong, sweet smell. If your peaches are already ripe, go to Step 4.

2.Store your unripe peaches on the counter in a paper bag at room temperature. Fold the top of the bag over so that it is closed. Do not seal the bag, the peaches still need to breath. Check each day to see if they are ripe.

3.When ripe, remove the peaches from the paper bag. Transfer them from the paper bag to a plastic bag.

4.Store the plastic bag of peaches in the refrigerator. The refrigerator will keep the peaches fresh for approximately up to five days. You do not need to wash the fruit before storing, washing them before storing them at cold temperatures can make them go bad faster.

5.When you are ready to eat the peaches, remove them from the refrigerator at least two hours before eating. The flavor of the peach is optimal when eaten at room temperature.

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