A Mother’s Love

Today is a very special day. It is the day that we tell the mothers, grandmothers and godmothers in our lives, how much we love them and appreciate them. So today, I would like to send a very special Happy Mother’s Day message to all the mothers out there. For all that you do, and for all that you give, thank you.

MOTHER’S DAY a poem by Del “Abe” Jones

There were some different beginnings
To what we know as, “Mother’s Day”
One woman, Anna Reeves Jarvis
“Mothers’ Work Day Clubs”, her way.

They focused on sanitary conditions
And provided medicines for the poor
They promised to care for all Soldiers
From both sides in the Civil War.

After that War that had divided
The new-found peace would take her
To healing families and friends
And she became a real peacemaker.

Then, in the Eighteen seventies
Something we could sure use now
“Mothers’ Peace Day”, was started
By, Julia Ward Howe.

A famous woman of the time
Reformer, lecturer, and writer of note
“The Battle Hymn Of The Republic”
Is something that she wrote.

A woman’ suffrage association
Voted her their first President
And hers, the first suggestion
To have a Mother’s Day event.

Then there was Frank Hering
In the year Nineteen ought-four
Of the Fraternal Order Of Eagles
Who claimed to open the door.

In Nineteen fourteen Woodrow Wilson
Recommending a Federal Mother’s Day
Signed a joint resolution
That we now observe each year in May.

No matter who takes the credit
It was a long time overdue
To honor all those Ladies
Who gave life to me and you.

So, those who still have theirs
Should remember those times passed
And thank Her now for all those things
She’s done for you in the past.

For those whose Mom is gone
It’s a time to reflect and say,
“Mom, I love and miss you,
On this, and every other day.”

Our Mothers shape our being
And have an endless wealth to give
And She will be a part of us
For as long as we may live.

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