May Flowers Bring Thoughts of Spring

Beautiful May Flowers, Orange and Blue Contrasts Captured My Attention!

Beautiful May Flowers, Orange and Blue Contrasts Captured My Attention!

Hello everyone! I know I have taken a long break from posting any news. But I have good reason! So far 2010 has brought all kinds of good change. Kind of like how after the cold of winter and the rains of spring, flowers begin to thrive. Well, so has our life lately. In the last month we have moved into our first home (as first time homeowners!), which also meant we relocated to North County San Diego and after months of unemployment I am now employed!

We are still settling in to the new place. And since I am now working full-time, there really has not been enough time to write about the whole home buying experience. But now that things are starting to calm down a bit, I am thrilled to have a few minutes to write again and think creatively. More to come on our home journey.

This past weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day early with my mom. I took the above photo of one of the many adorable vases filled with fresh blooms that could be found all over my brother and sister-in-law’s house. These particular little roses in this blue vase captured my attention from across the room and I just couldn’t resist taking their photo.

Stay tuned for more house photos as we unpack! Happy Spring everyone!

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